How it started

After encountering the cancer journey with her mom, Robyn saw a need. She saw the gap between cancer fighters and their support system. She talked to people who had experienced cancer treatment and medical professionals, to learn what an ideal gift is for someone going through cancer treatments.

With input from cancer survivors, medical personnel, and caregivers, she came up with ChemoCare Crates to help your friend or loved one.


A little about our ChemoCare mission…

The ChemoCare Crate was created to fill the gap between fighters and their support system. Often when we hear "cancer," it leaves us paralyzed and unsure of which way to turn. When you have a loved one going through cancer treatment, be it chemo or radiation, you desire to help them in whatever way you can. This crate sends inspiration to your loved one during such a difficult time. It is sure to break the ice and fills the gap with the message; "WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER!"

When words fail, the ChemoCare Crate speaks!

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