Wellness support delivered to their door every month!

Have a loved one fighting cancer? Not sure what to do? We took the guesswork out for you. The ChemoCare Crate contains snacks and items that will uplift and empower fighters for their journey. And, because they deserve the best, we deliver a beautiful Crate filled with products they can use right away.

Easy to order

Select the crate you feel best fits your recipient.

Always on time

All one time purchase orders ship 3-4 business days after payment is received. Subscriptions ship on the 4th of every month [not including weekends or holidays]. The last day to order for each month's subscription is the 3rd.

Fits any budget

From Snack Crates to total wellness support, our crates are sure to fit your budget needs. 

Happy Mail!

Add a custom message to your order to brighten your loved one's day! 

What is the ChemoCare Crate?

Glad you asked! The ChemoCare Crate is a care package packed with snacks designed to accompany cancer fighters to their chemotherapy sessions. We also offer a total wellness Crate that addresses mental, physical, and spiritual wellness comfort to your loved one. 

Why the ChemoCare Crate?

Because flowers and chocolate are great, but a curated care package is more significant. 

We spoke with several cancer fighters, survivors, and caretakers and precisely designed each Crate with the unique needs of your loved one in mind. Each care package includes products to support the whole self during their journey through cancer.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Avenue Health. A non-profit organization committed to bridging the financial gap between patient and insurance company responsibility.

Who is the ChemoCare Crate for?

The recipient - Chemo sessions are challenging. Empower fighters battling all types of cancer, at any stage of treatment with a ChemoCare Crate—care package, specifically designed with the unique needs of your loved one in mind.

The sender - Many don't know where to start when they learn that a loved one is fighting this awful disease, so we've done the work for you! Chemotherapy is not easy, and watching a loved one go through these treatments can leave you feeling helpless. Send them the ChemoCare Crate, the gift that says "WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER!" Where words fail, the ChemoCare Crate speaks! 

Show your support!

Loved ones are often flooded with support in the first few weeks, but continuous and steady is needed. We offer monthly subscriptions, delivered straight to their door, with mental, physical, and spiritual wellness products to encourage and show that you care.

  • Subscriptions ship on or around the 4th of the month. The cut-off to subscribe for each month's crate is the 3rd of the month.
  • One-time orders ship 3-4 business days after payment is received.
  • Make a one-time-purchase, or choose a subscription. You can cancel at any time. 

How It Works

1. Choose your crate

Choose a subscription frequency. You can cancel at any time. The cut-off to subscribe for each month's crate is the 3rd of the month.

2. We get to work

We curate each crate with warm thoughts.

3. Your gift is sent!

Subscription Crates are shipped on the 4th of each month. [not including weekends & holidays].

We currently ship in the US only.

What's inside?

Crates vary in size and can include: inspirational messages; nausea combatants; warming agents; snacks; and aromatherapy; to name a few, from a variety of brands.


What people say about ChemoCare Crates

This saved me time and money. It was on point & right on time.

Go ChemoCare Crate!

She cried! I will definitely use them again!

THEY'VE THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING! Things I didn't even know exist!